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Clean Room Doors
Pratham Aircon clean room doors plays an essential role in preventing cross contamination...
Clean Room Partition Panels
Pratham Aircon modular cleanroom walls are a composite construction of two skins of GI ...
Dynamic Pass Box
Dynamic Pass Box Works like an airlock or Laminar Air Flow unit. Clean air enters in the ...
Static Pass box

Pass boxes are used to transfer material for blending, granulation or sterilization in the manufacturing area and ...

Air Shower

Air Showers are installed between change areas and classified rooms or between lower and higher-gradeĀ  ...

Laminar Airflow

Laminar Flow Cabinets create particle-free working environments by projecting air through a filtration ...


Air Handling Unit
Ceiling suspended ahu
Vertical Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit for Operation Theater
Automobile Industry Air Handling Unit
Double Decker Air Handling Unit
Heat Recovery Unit
Air supply unit for automotive industry


Air washer
Kitchen Exhaust Wet scrubber
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