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Pratham Air Handling Units

We manufacture all types of Air handling units, TFA units ,Heat recovery units, Air washers (Evaporative cooler) and Wet scrubber.

Adapting to individual customer requirements is our core business. Each AHU arrangement and component selection is individually designed as per customer requirement ensuring the air handling unit produced performs with peak performance and optimized efficiency.

AIR FLOW RANGE: – 1000 cfm to 50000 cfm.

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Air Handling Unit
Heat Recovery Unit
Air Handling Unit
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Heat Recovery Unit
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Air supply unit for automotive industry

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Feature of Pratham Air handler

Frame Work

The rigid framework of the unit comprises an assembly of extruded anodized aluminium profiles and nylon glass filled corner joints. The self-supporting extruded aluminium hollow profile are available in thermal break and non-thermal break type as per requirement. Thermal break profiles are designed with internal coving which are easy to clean and hence reducing the risk of dust /bacteria accumulation

Unit base skid

All air handling units are fitted with a steel base fabricated from galvanized steel, designed to support the unit at the relevant structural points.

Panel and Access Door

Double skin 25 / 43 mm thick panels are available in various skin options. E.g. In plain galvanized steel sheets, pre painted galvanized steel sheet, aluminium, stainless steel sheet as per duty requirement. Panels are filed with cfc free PUF at 40+-2 kg/m3 density. To ensure air tight construction self-adhesive form gaskets are used between panel and frame. Food grade gaskets are provided for special application.

Access doors are provided to each section for maintenance and inspection purpose. All access doors are provided with hinges, locks and handles made of glass filled nylon. Fan section doors are provided with double walled view ports made of polycarbonate and with sealing gaskets

Drain Pan

The condensate drain pan is fabricated in various thickness and MOC depending on the application. Drain pans are insulated with nitrile rubber or PUF sheets. This wider drain pan with differential slope assures quick and complete water drainage and thus avoiding migration of moisture, which is the major cause of microbiological growth.

Volume Control Dampers

Dampers are devices incorporated into the system to have a proper control of air flow. Damper are generally made of galvanized steel between 1mm to 1.6 mm thick sheets or extruded aluminum aero foil profiles with nylon gear arrangements. Damper suitable for motorized operation are also provided.

Fans & Motors

Ventilation is the most important features for the evaluation of an air handler. Since it represents the first element of energy consumption.

AMCA certified Fans are available in the following types:

The fan and motor unit is placed on a common frame isolated from AHU structure by rubber vibration mounts or spring isolators for quiet and vibration less operation.


Our air handling units are equipped with different types of filters with high filtration efficiency. Pre and fine filters from grade G2-F9 as per EN779. Available in pleated and pocket type. Box type and flange type in various MOC for frame. Bag filters can be provided as an option. Hepa filter with class H13/H14 are available according to design and installation requirement. 


We offer a variety of heat exchanger coils like chilled water, direct expansion, steam and hot water in tube size of 3/8” ,1/2” and 5/8” tube diameter with 11-12 fins per inch. Coils are built with aluminum or copper fins with plain or IG copper tubes. Coils are available duly coated with anti-corrosive super hydrophobic solution. Stainless steel coils are also available as an option. Each coil is tested under water at 350 PSIG.


Heat recovery wheels, Plate type heat exchangers, UV lights, electric heaters, sound attenuators, Magnehelic gauges, Fire retardant flexible connections, face and Bypassdampers. 

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