What We Do

We manufacture all types of Air handling units, TFA units ,Heat recovery units, Air washers (Evaporative cooler) and Wet scrubber.Adapting to individual customer requirements is our core business. Each AHU arrangement and component selection is individually designed as per customer requirement ensuring the air handling unit produced performs with peak performance and optimized efficiency.

About Us

Pratham Aircon is an Indian company established in 2016 which is headquartered in Thane District of Maharashtra, excellent products for HVAC Industry.

Pratham Aircon provides you the complete solution, utilizing latest technologies and software to deliver superior Air Side Products Viz Air Handling Units, Evaporative Cooling Systems, Scrubbers, TFA units, Heat recovery units and various Clean Room Products Viz Modular Wall panels, Modular Doors, Reverse Laminar Air Flows, Static and Dynamic Pass Boxes etc



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